Comprehensive Health Packages

Diabetes Management Package
Diabetes Management Package icon

Diabetes Management
(INR 6000-8000/-)

  • Consultation and diabetes management coaching (1 month)
  • Personalized guidance to help manage diabetes effectively through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.
Hypertension Management Package
Hypertension Management Package icon

Hypertension Management
(INR 11000-13000/-)

  • Consultation and hypertension management coaching (2 months)
  • Comprehensive coaching to manage blood pressure through lifestyle changes, diet, and exercise.
Weight Management Package
Weight Management Package icon

Weight Management
(INR 16000-18000/-)

  • Consultation and weight management coaching (3 months)
  • Tailored coaching to help achieve and maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise.
Wellness Package
Wellness Package icon

(INR 29000-33000/-)

  • Consultation and wellness coaching (6 months)
  • A comprehensive wellness package focusing on overall health and well-being, fitness and lifestyle coaching.
Anti Aging Package
Anti Aging Package icon

Anti Aging
(INR 27000-29000/-)

  • Consultation and anti-aging coaching (3 months)
  • Personalized coaching focusing on anti-aging strategies, including diet, exercise, and skincare.
Ketogenic Diet Package
Ketogenic Diet Package icon

Ketogenic Diet
(INR 47000-50000/-)

  • Consultation and ketogenic diet coaching (6 months)
  • Personalized guidance and coaching to implement and maintain a ketogenic diet for optimal health benefits.
Women's Health Package
Women's Health Package icon

Women's Health
(INR 29000-33000/-)

  • Consultation and women's health coaching (6 months)
  • A comprehensive package focusing on women's health, including fitness coaching and wellness consultations.
Men's Health Package
Men's Health Package icon

Men's Health
(INR 32000-35000/-)

  • Consultation and men's health coaching (6 months)
  • Personalized coaching focusing on men's health issues, including fitness, nutrition, and wellness strategies.